Levitate me up!


Back again this time on a shoot with the lovely Ann purkis a local model whom I’ve worked with a few times now and is a joy to work with as she wants my crazy side :).

For this particular shoot we went into a creepy basement and I decided to do myself a levitation shot for the blog so here you go.

The shot is made up of 2 seperate shots both of which were handheld


The first is of the room so I can have a good place to fill in the gaps using masks in Photoshop.


The second shot is the action shot where I perched Ann on a small table as seen then the job was simple then just a case of align them in Photoshop using auto align then just mask out the table.

From there I just edit to taste and for me this involved generally grunging  it up.

But in essence that’s how you do a levitation shot

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