Breaking from Tradition: Photoshop CC

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If you’ve been a long time Photoshop customer, we’ve established quite a predictable routine.

Every 18 to 24 months we deliver a new version of the software, packed with the latest features and functionality, as well as hundreds of big and small enhancements. It’s been a regularly timed cycle aimed at serving the needs of individuals working on design or photography related projects.

For us, the development process itself is anything but “routine.” The team is continually researching the latest imaging science and then figuring out how to deliver it to you as a new capability that significantly improves your creative process. We look far into the future, apart from what we know to be true today, and aspire to have it all work like magic. You’ve set the bar high to ensure we help you to push hard against existing creative limitations. For that reason alone, we’re never content with the status quo.

Good News – No More Waiting
We simply can’t sit back when the world is changing so rapidly. Waiting 18 to 24 months to catch up isn’t acceptable for any of our customers. We need to respond quickly to meet your evolving needs and to do so, we have to break from the old way of doing things.

This isn’t a new concept for us, or you. With Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), photographers have demanded we generate camera compatibility updates at least 8 times per year, compared with once every two years when we first launched the product in 2003. The number of cameras ACR supports has increased dramatically by 1600%!

In many cases, we also finish some features well before the official release date. Popular features in Photoshop CS6 like Content Aware Move, Content Aware Patch and Background Save were all complete by August, but due to our traditional delivery cycle, we couldn’t get them to you until nine-months later in May.

We’ve decided that Photoshop will no longer be software you have to wait years for. We’re ready to react quickly to external forces and will serve up more new features throughout the year, so you can push your creativity as far as the latest technology will allow. This steady stream of features will give you the opportunity to learn new tricks at your own pace, versus having to wrap your head around all that’s loaded into just one release.

It’s All About Access & a Connected Community
Social media, mobile devices and the cloud have radically changed the creative process. The velocity, range and diversity of what is being created is unprecedented. And we want to be right there with you to embrace those possibilities in this connected environment.

Gone are the days of just one lone Photoshop customer and one desktop computer. In this highly connected world, we’re building real-world solutions that bring you, your fellow collaborators and clients together in a truly seamless and meaningful way.

We want you to experience this now, so starting today we’re offering our loyal Photoshop customers (current owners of Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6) a special introductory price of $9.99 per month for an annual commitment to Photoshop CC. This Creative Cloud single-app membership includes everything you would expect to find in the traditional Photoshop Extended software, plus all the new Photoshop CC features, as well as regular updates throughout the year. We’re offering cloud-based services that allow teams to work together with private, secure and collaborative 20 GB storage solutions. We’re encouraging people to share ideas and inspiration with other artists through unique communities like Behance. Photoshop CC includes a Behance ProSite membership where you’ll get your own personal portfolio builder and a URL to showcase your work and gain exposure to a broad and valuable network.

Great innovation happens when you’re focused, and frankly, not afraid to break from tradition. We realize change is hard, but hope you can see that our aim is to innovate quickly, give you access to everything you need and connect you with the right people to enable your best work.

We look forward to collaborating with you as we explore these new possibilities together.

– Maria Yap
Sr. Director of Product Management

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