Spreading Fur-tography Cheer with Photos of Our Furry Friends

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It’s been raining cats and dogs on the Photoshop Elements Facebook page! It’s even raining rabbits, horses, hamsters and squirrels. For the last month, the Photoshop Elements community has been sharing photos of their favorite four-legged friends to our Fur-tography gallery. So far, we’ve received over 2,600 photo submissions showcasing pets of all shapes and sizes.

Stop by the Fur-tography gallery to see the photos that have been shared, and submit your own by May 3. In the meantime, don’t forget to read our pet photography tips to see how you can get better shots of your animals.

Furtography collage

Be sure to visit the “Help An Animal” tab in the Fur-tography gallery to learn how you as a photographer can get involved at local pet shelters. Animals with high-quality photos are more likely to get adopted, meaning that the more great photos an animal has, the closer they are to finding their forever home!

We’ve been thrilled to see some loving pets currently available for adoption pop up in our gallery. In response, we’ve put together an Adoptable Pets album to help the shelters find homes for these deserving animals. Cruise by the album to see if there are adoptable shelter pets in your area. Below are just a few examples of what Fur-tography has to offer.

Adoptable Pets collage

Photoshop Elements fans and animal shelters aren’t the only ones sharing Fur-tography photos. The members of the Adobe team are also sharing some of their best pet photos. The Adobe Facebook page recently compiled and shared an album showcasing these submissions, starring my cat Bosco, among others. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the all-star Adobe pets.

Adobe Life collage

Keep up with Fur-tography and other Photoshop Elements news by joining our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest communities.

via PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG http://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2013/04/spreading-fur-tography-cheer-with-photos-of-our-furry-friends.html hope you enjoy please share using the buttons below Jay


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