“Signs of Love” photo contest winners announced

please note this is not written by Jay Clapp all credits given and linked 🙂

April 13, 2013 /Photography News/ TeraBella Media has just announced the winning photographers in the “Signs of Love” call for entry:

First Place: Andy Lee

Second Place: Daniel Polidori

Third Place: Nicholai Go

Honorable Mentions: 
Shane Ernest
Leanda Parker-Sleeman
Terry Wild
Merit Winners:

Tony Bowen
Jane Goodrich
Paul Kessel

Untitled by Andy Lee, 1st Prize Winner
Judges’ Statement: 
The two top finalists were able to capture the viewer’s attention in a most endearing and eloquent fashion. Andy Lee’s image allows us to be a part of an almost private world between two  youths. The feeling of love that is conveyed is one of longing and/or  perhaps a forbidden one. In “Mother and Daughter” by Daniel Polidori the subjects were photographed at an angle and with the use of reflective glass to impose an ethereal feeling of love. Nicholai Go’s  representation of love is more of an implication or suggestion and much  is left to the imagination of the viewer. This image is one of a more  contemporary sentiment.

The three Honorable Mention recipients give their own interpretation to the different types and  ranges of love. Their images clearly relate that love comes in different  forms and has no boundaries. The Merit Winners received their honors for clearly communicating through their cameras the classic “love stories.”

Congratulations to the finalists!
To view TeraBella Media’s current call for entry: http://terabellamedia.com/photo-contest/

To view all current call for entries listed at Photography News:  http://www.photography-news.com/2009/12/photography-competitions.html

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